TIP #3

Hello Beauties!

Today I am gonna talk about the foundation finder on the MAC website. I think this is a great addition to the site and makes finding a foundation super easy and kinda fun! This can be used for any brand of foundation!

This tool is going to help you find the right coverage, finish and shade.


Step 1:


The first thing  you want to consider when looking for a foundation is COVERAGE: How much of the skin you want to show through.

Coverage comes in different categories

  • SHEER: very subtle, illuminating, so natural features like freckles can still show through.
  • MEDIUM: quite natural, but at the same time can cover up any blemishes or imperfections that you want to cover up.
  • FULL: will completely cover anything you want to cover and conceal.

Step 2:


Finish refers to the texture of foundation that leaves on your skin. At MAC they have three different finishes.

  • SATIN: dewy sheen, seen on catwalks & magazines.
  • NATURAL: this is the balance between shine and matte, great for everyday.
  • MATTE: no shine, someone who wants oil control, on the move, or very busy.

Step 3:


The final thing to consider is the shade & undertone.

SHADE: speaks to how light or dark your skin is. iIn the summer time we tend to be darker so it is recommended to go one  shade darker & in the winter one shade lighter.

** The best place to see if the foundation is the right shade is on the side of your face from the temples to your jaw. If it is to light or dark you will see the foundation. If the foundation is the right color it will match up and blend in with your skin.**

UNDERTONE: refers to the tones in the skin.

if you tan your more likely GOLDEN/ OLIVE UNDERTONE

if you bum your PINK/ ROSY UNDERTONE

And there you have it… your perfect foundation!

I hope this was helpful!!

let me know if it worked out for you!




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