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Hello Beautiful People!!

Today I am going to talk about lighting.
There are three areas you should know about lighting
Light source, Light intensity, & Light direction.


Lighting is one of the most important factors when choosing and applying makeup. Lighting can make or break a makeup application. The following factors may affect facial features, skin textures and color payoff:

The Light Source
Natural Daylight: is a pure white light. It is considered to be the most perfect light for applying makeup.
Artificial fluorescent: light has a blue-green tint. It is the harshest light and is known to drain and dull color on the face.
Incandescent: light has a flat, warm yellow tint. It is more flattering than fluorescent but softens the intensity of bright, strong colors.
Halogen: lighting has a soft blue-white tine. It closely resembles daylight and it is good for expressing true color.
Electronic Strobe or HMI : lighting produces daylight color temperature and accentuates the intensity of makeup color. it mostly used in professional situations.

The Light Intensity
Low (dim)
Medium (not to dark or too bright)

how bright or dim the light source is will determine how intensely the colors reads. it also affects how shadows are seen on the face. for example, dim lighting will create strong shadows on the face and dull the makeup colors. Medium to bright lighting will “fill” the facial features creating soft, flattering shadows while highlighting true color intensity.

The Light Direction

Overhead (from above) – this creates prominent shadow that distort facial features. (example: midday light)
Direct: (eye level) – this produces natural shadows that make the skin appear flawless as it minimizes imperfections.
Side (profile) – this forms shadow on the “unlit” portion of the face, distorting features and emphasizing imperfections in skin texture.
Blacklit (from behind) – this produces a “silhouette” effect on the face. As the face becomes completely shadowed, features look flat.

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