TIP #5

Tip & Trick of the week:


A common problem with many people, & I will include myself is using to much hair product. Specially when your like me and just getting started. Not only are you lost on what product to buy but now how to use it and how much.

Not only did I read this in a magazine, but I did ask some of the salon girls who I used to work with.



You should be only using the size of a half dollar for SHAMPOO!  You may ask how is this possible, my hair is so thick, long, etc?! Well Shampoo should really only be focused on the scalp area. When we shampoo our hair we are taking all the dirt and oil that has build up. when your done massaging the shampoo in your scalp thats when you can move the rest of the porduct into your hair.

Can you guess what you should only be using a quarter size of…CORRECT,CONDITIONER! Now I know this one seems impossible but I do it every time I was my hair. If you act like your pulling you hair into a pony tail, from where the hair band would go and down should only be getting conditioner. Once you have focused on that part of your hair, like the shampoo you can move some of the product up. This may seem very weird, but any hairstylist would tell you this. Doing this is going to help prevent your hair from getting oily faster and condition your hair where it really needs it.

Aw yes the nickel. STYLING CREAM is the next one on the list. What is styling cream? Styling cream  brings out the movement, gives it a little bit more shine, and generally makes it look a lot healthier. To much of this product can leave your hair looking oily and greasy, and hard to work with.

Now if you use POMADE, the penny is your size. Pomade is a waxy/greasy hair product, commonly used for men hairstyles. But stylist often use this product to help curly hair go and stay straight. This product often leaves the hair with a shine and sometimes a greasy feeling. Using to much can make your hair like you haven’t washed your hair in weeks.

Last but not least, SHINE SERUM.  If you use this product you only want to use the size of a dime. Shine serum is exactly what it says, it helps bring a healthy shine to your hair. If used to much, your hair will look greasy and get into those greasy clumps, which is not so attractive.




I know getting a new product is fun, especially hair products because you know your hair is going to look even better before, but ODing on them can do the complete opposite and ruin that happy moment with your new product. Not to mention empty your wallets. If you use the correct amount of product. That product can last you awhile, even if you have thick, long hair!

Hope you enjoyed the tip & trick of the week & happy savings!



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3 Comments on “TIP #5”

  1. March 1, 2011 at 12:38 AM #

    March 2011 issue of Cosmo? =)

    • March 1, 2011 at 12:43 AM #

      You got it! So much helpful info! But I can’t forget the salon girls also gave me info!

  2. DalaLuz
    March 1, 2011 at 7:23 AM #

    Well, my hair definitely needs more of a quarter of conditioner!

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