TIP #6


For this week’s tip & trick, I decided to step out and talk about nails. I am in no way a nail tech, just sharing personal thoughts.

If there is one thing I need to pay more attention to, its my nails. I don’t get manicure/pedicures often (even though I really wish I did) and I don’t take care of my nails at home.

From working in the salon, A lot of people would get PASSION from OPI on their nails. I always commented on it because it always made the nails look so healthy. I personally thought it was the manicure but,  I discovered this week on my nails, that PASSION can make your nails look way better, even without a manicure/pedicure.

Now I know you can clearly see my cuticles and everything, but doesn’t my nail bed itself look healthy? PASSION from OPI is a nice pale fleshy pink color. So at a fast glance, it looks completely natural.

I applied 3 coats to achieve this color, It is a very sheer nail polish.

Has anyone every tried this nail polish? What are your thoughts? Did you think it made your nails healthier looking?

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