Name is Shayla Marie. I started doing makeup when I  was 18 at my college in North Carolina . I would give them that quick swab of NYC eyeshadow and go. I use to be the key girl to go to at my college for girls that were going to the club. I look back and my skills were so bad , but hey to them I was the bomb. I used them as my practice and realized that I loved doing it. I would buy makeup books, magazines just for the pictures, and practice on my friends whenever I could.  I freelanced for Too-faced cosmetics, freelanced for L’oreal for the Beyonce Experience tour in Oakland, and now I am currently a certified MAC makeup artist for the last 21/2 years.Makeup to me is such an art, form of expression and it takes a lot of skill to paint a canvas and make it look beautiful. Makeup is what you make it. You can makeit look amazing or you can make it look scary , you can make it look disgusting , or you can just make it look simple. However you are feeling or however you want to voice your thoughts, your makeup can speak for you.
My creative influence is myself. I live out the box. I like to say I rock to my own beat , but Im not off beat. I live through art and expression is adrug for me. If you look at my accessory company HeadBanger Accessories you can see that all our pieces are eclectic and colorful. I am also a wardrobe stylist and I specialize in vintage attire. I get my inspiration with makeup when shopping. When I see certain colors and how they blend, certain shapes. I always think of makeup that can possibly match the clothing that I pick out.



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