West Regional Director for Le Metier de Beaute
Makeup Artist Extraordinaire

Originally from Palm Springs, California, Daniel Salazar was inspired at an early age by all things fashion and beauty. He had his first introduction to makeup in theatre, and soon after began his inspiring love affair with makeup artistry. Making women feel beautiful and the satisfaction he gets out of creating new and exciting looks for his clients is what has kept him growing as an artist- which he believes to be the most important thing. With a keen ability to understand different skin types and the importance of high-quality, skin-loving ingredients in products, Daniel has been a step ahead of the crowd, making him a sought after makeup artist.
Currently, Daniel lives in Los Angeles, CA, where he is known for his exquisite makeup application technique, as well as his reputation of being delightful to collaborate with.
Some Highlights
TV- the hills(MTV), that morning show (E!). LUXE TV
Clients- Erin Wasson (model), Jayde Nicole (playmate of the year/hills), Katherine Boecher (actress/model)
The art of makeup to me is exactly that- an art. Not everyone is a natural artist, but what makes one great is the ability to share and teach others the craft.
There has always been something very special and charming about Parisian style to me. With its women know to be the “Chicest in the world,” I guess it’s not that hard to understand. The casual, yet oh so polished-feminine, yet strong, almost masculine looks are such a treat to look at and so alluring because of how contradictory they are.
The most important tool is, hands down, a good foundation brush. Too many times do I see people using sponges-NO! A good, synthetic brush that has a lot of give to it (softness and flexibility) will never disappoint. Try the Angled Foundation brush by Le Metier de Beaute- it’s synthetic so it will last you forever, and the ergonomic angle is perfect for applying around the nose and eye area. The short handle allows for superior  control.
Le Métier de Beauté’s Peau Vierge Tinted Anti-Aging Complexe has changed my life, and those who have tried it. It’s three in one: your makeup, sun protection, AND TREATMENT. The Syntoc Actif Delivery Matrix acts as an invisible hypodermic needle – figuratively speaking of course – delivering the active ingredient retinol into the deep layers of the dermis without any of the typical side effects. Instantly, you see results as it helps to stimulate collagen production, increase blood flow to lessen dark circles, smooth fine lines, blur blemishes and tighten pores.  A beauty-connoisseur must have!
It’s probably not a surprise, but I have to say the eyes, and there is a technique to make the most out of them: the Couches de Coulour is french and translates to “layers of color.” Rather than doing the traditional color-blocking eye makeup- you know, with the crease-try building the depth along the lashes, By doing this, you will create a more soft feminine smokey eye. Layering contrasting colors (like something cool tones with something warm tones) really adds to the interest and draws all eyes to YOUR eyes.

Every makeup artist who went after their dream and passion is my hero. It takes a lot of hard work to be able to do what you love as your career, and I am super grateful for the opportunities I have been given.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to a perfect red lip- it’s all about working with your skins undertones. Choosing the perfect red can instantly brighten your complexion. For warmer undertones, choose a warmer red, and likewise, for cooler undertones, choose a cooler red.



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