Well my name is Nichole Christine and I am a makeup addict. In middle school, I started with eyeliner. I use to have to light with a lighter before touching it to her. I would take it and outline her eye, I used my pinky and went over the liner to smudge it. Then I take my favorite duochrome eyeshadow from my teachers makeup bag and just around the edge of the liner and up to her crease I would pack it on with her dirty makeup brush. The shadow would change color and create this really pretty fade of color. I applied her white side of the mascara before the black, filled in her brow and added just the littlest smear of her pearly white shadow under her brows. She had perfect skin so I didn’t bother with foundation, but I did put on moisturizer before using her bronzer and cream blush on her cheeks. I took my other clean pinky, and would pat it into the same creme blush, dab it onto her lips, and top it with a clear gloss. I did this every day, just to distract my teacher from the fact that I wasn’t doing any work in school what so ever. Several years later, I went to cosmetology school and continued doing makeup by word of mouth till I got a retail makeup job and have been pretty content since.


On the art of makeup:
makeup is totally art. There are no limits and no right or wrong. Sure there are different categories, but its all still expression. Majority of it is freehanded on a face. That’s what I adore about it. It’s a raw form of art on a walking canvas.
Creative influence:
I get a lot of inspiration from people. I like to listen to what they say, study them, and come up with something. This helps me a lot working in retail makeup as well (matching foundation is all about that). I guess I also get a lot of inspiration from nature too. Pretty lame to say it. But the colors are so pure and its actually lovely to take the colors from a flower you love and be able to wear it all day.
Most important tool:
Hands. With my hands I can do anything. You can apply almost everything with your hands. They can heat up cream products to make them easier do work with. They can blend out eyeshadows, create a pretty stained lip, fix smudges, and apply lashes. Close seconds have to be brushes.
Favorite product:
Primers primers primers. I won’t lie. There are days I skip it, but not when I have to look my best. And makeup remover. While makeup is fun putting on, Clean fresh skin is always the way to start. I buy makeup remover in bulk.

Favorite feature:
I have to say skin and eyelashes are majors for me. The skin is everything. It’s everywhere. And eyelashes can change the mood of a look in seconds. They are fast and easy enhancers.
Most admired makeup artist:
As of right now I am all over tony (@tkougar) because he is pretty untouchable. I also work with a girl named Melissa who really pushed me to step up my game, and even though I am shy, and I constantly doubt my work, she makes me open up and try harder to express myself and not second guess my ideas.
Your tips in creating the perfect facechart:
Sleeping on it. I mess charts up all the time and just push them aside to work on another chart for a bit. If you feel like you can’t save it, still push it aside and use it for practice. You could get something you are proud of. I have a crazy chart I did that to and it ended up being a piece I now call my baby. Take your time. Imagine it like a person that you can spend hours on and they won’t complain. Also contouring with a flesh color first adds a little bit more personality to the charts.


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