Creative influence:
I get influenced by all the different ethnicities and cultures that are out there. Being able to bring them all together as one and expressing there outer beauty. Fashion is another high influence for me as always i add my own touch in which makes me unique.

Most important tool:
My most important tool in my career is my confidence and my persistance in satisfying my clients each time. Being able to follow direction but giving it your own twist takes one a long way.

Favorite product:
My favorite product indeed is YSL concealer #3 .It has great coverage and doesnt crease also its great for highlighting and the quality of it is just beautiful. There are 4 different shades of color.

Favorite feature:
Favorite feature has to be my most recent collum with Beverly Hills Times Magazine. I got the chance to work with them and Be a correspondant in the Make-up Tips and Make-up Mistakes of my personal opinion ofcourse which was simply a huge honor for me. We shall see what else I have comming with out with them.

Most admired makeup artist:
Wow, this is a tough one. But I must admit that I do love Pat Mcgrath’s work. It is just amazing and very creative. She definately works with her clients and comes up with concepts that will perfectly fit the “look” they are going for.

What is your favorite style of makeup:
I have a few styles I use often, although i focus in beauty makeup and not the special effects. Well I love to simply bring out the best and less liked features on whoever is sitting on my chair and letting them get the self confidence and assurance they should have. That ofcourse is the most beautiful thing for me when not only there outer beauty has been enhanced but when there inner comes out and they feel great.

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