I was invited to attend the MAC Quite Cute Seminar that was held at my local counter in Macy’s. Let me tell you, the $100 deposit was so worth it.

Here is my experience and my haul!!

(MAC artist Chris, Me, MAC artist Lucia)

I absolutely fell in love with these two people! They are so kind, and the talent is out of thIS world. Chris is actually the artist that I said helped me out with a B2M haul I did a couple post ago.

When I first got there, I was greeted by the BEST MANAGER EVER, NINO. He is super kind, and is the one I really need to thank. Nino is the one who invited me to this seminar! Nino introduced me to Chris, and thats where it all started. Chris took me to the foundations (prolongwear), and color matched me (NC35, NC40). When the group was all there, and color matched we where taken to the Secret Lair MAC has at Macy’s. Once we got there, such great hosts the MAC artist where, they offered us water & pink lemonaide. I wish I had my phone out and snapped a picture because the room was absolutely CUTE! There were huge signs of the past collections. I think what caught everyones eye was the CUTE table. It had a pink table cloth with confetti and candy all over it with MAC goodie bags at every seat! && in the middle was the most delicious cupcakes!

Don’t those look divine?! (They where). We all gathered egerly and waited for the class to start. Nino, Chris, & Lucia shared a little background information about themselves with us and told us what to expect in the class.

Now I wasn’t the only one, but I didn’t know we weren’t supposed to come with NO makeup on! whoops. 🙂

It’s okay, I took a MAC wipe and wiped it all off! We all had naked faces, waiting to get all beautified with the latest newest products!

Here is the makeup look I did for the seminar. I wanted to do something fun and kind of in theme. To be honest, I didn’t know we were actually going to do makeup on ourselves. What is really cool is that this look I came up with, is very similar to the look we did today!!

This is what came in my goodie bag.

It came with a notebook and pencil, bracelets, candy, I got two samples of Vanilla pigment, two samples of strobe cream, & some perfume samples.I love that the samples were wrapped up like candy!

This is how a normal page looks in the notebook that came with the goodie bag. It was so nice to have this because it allowed us to write notes down on what we learned, and write the products and brushes we used.

What is really cool about the notebook, is that it comes with a couple of facecharts!!

The class was amazing! It was so cool to here a MAC makeup artist talk about why they are using the product or brush.

There was def. a lot of products I wanted to get, BUT I did limit myself to things that I don’t have. I def. wanted to repurchase the foundation and powder, but because I already have some at home, I decided to pick up other products that I actually didn’t think I would be interested in.

Now I am pretty sure most of you reading this did the same thing as me and searched swatches and reviews on the Quite Cute collection. I don’t know about you, but every review I saw on this collection was sort of negative. They talked about how the quad wasn’t pigmented, that it was really sheer, and same thing for the blushes. Let me be honest, I was not interested in these products because of these reviews. I was only interested in two lipsticks: Playing Koi & Candy Yum Yum. Well they were both sold out. I know sounds like a bummer, but I believe I picked out AMAZING PRODUCTS!

Here is the face chart for the look we did

&& here is my take on it 🙂

We got to pick out our own lipstick from the collection. I decided to use “boldly bare” lip pencil, then “playtime” lipstick, & then I put a thin layer of “bubble tea” plushglass.




If you guys would like a tutorial on this look please let me know!!


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  1. April 11, 2011 at 1:03 PM #

    Oh my god, I’m so jealous! Lucky girl

  2. April 16, 2011 at 12:50 PM #

    Makeup & cupcakes? Two of my favorite things, I just found your blog on bloggers! I have actually never used MAC makeup before so I can sadly say I have no experience with the product… perhaps I should invest in some

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