Tony Kougar is a veteran MAC makeup artist, with experience in-store, on the runway and at countless photo shoots. He is the MUA for Black Cherry Burlesque, Siobhan Clothing and has participated in Tucson Fashion Week since its inception in 2010.

On the art of makeup:
“Makeup is many things–organic, deceptive, colorful, emotional, raw, and creative–but at its core, it’s pure transformation. Even the simplest lipstick can cause a dramatic change; I love that.”
Creative influence:
“Generally: Everything. My friends, my boyfriend, music, nature, fabric…. Inspiration is always around you, you just have to be open to find it.
“This season, I’m all about Tron, club kids, and disco houses…. It’s all about neon flashes paired with blacks. That and frilly dresses. Or whatever the makeup equivalent of that is.”

Most important tool:
“The mind. With it, I can think, plan and execute. I’m sure some makeup artists say their hands and brushes, but without a creative mind, I couldn’t do what I do. Every makeup artist needs a strong mind.
“Oh, and makeup.”
Favorite product:
“I’m loving loose pigments. They’re a miracle for the makeup artist. Anything that does so much for so little is A-OK in my book. With brands, I mostly use MAC (for its versatility) and Sugarpill (for its colors).”
Favorite feature:
“Brows, lips and lashes. Each one doesn’t need to be strong or bold, but well planned. Combining the three builds expression on the face. Isn’t that what makeup’s all about?”

Most admired makeup artist:

“Pat McGrath and Kabuki, definitely. Their wild creativity and re-imagining of retro looks and art is flawless. And Lottie. I’ve known for her years. It’s extremely motivating to look at her work.”

If you where teaching a class on facecharts, what would you share?

“Start with a plan; know your tools and products. Know how your products look on paper. Know how they layer and work with each other.
“When making the chart, I always start with skin and contouring first, then eyes, brows and cheeks. Lips are always last, even if I centered around a bright red lip.
“Treat the chart as if it’s a client whom you have free range on, but you get to create the skin tone and overall look.

“Most of all, don’t be afraid to get creative. It’s just paper.”



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