I have experienced receiving FAKE MAC brushes twice now. The first time, I had no idea! I don’t even think I paid a way cheaper price for it either. It was back in 2008 on Ebay. I was ordering my first foundation brush, the MAC 190. When I received it, I had no idea and because this was one of my first MAC makeup brushes the quality of it didn’t even cross my mind. I don’t know how long it was til I realized I was tricked! I think I stubbled upon a youtube video and ebay postings showing the difference in between real and fake brushes. I couldn’t believe that there was even replicas out there!! Well from then on I have bought all my MAC brushes at either at a MAC counter or MAC Cosmetics online. Well my second encounter with replica MAC brushes was just a couple weeks ago. I entered a contest on facebook where you had to have your friends vote for you to win. The top 3 candidates would receive a 8 piece MAC brush set. I came in first place with I believe 82 votes. Don’t get me wrong, I was so excited that I won, but I was more excited and in awe with all the support I received from friends, family, and followers. During the contest, I wasn’t so sure about the brushes being real. I even confronted the person holding the contest, and I am not sure if she was telling the truth, but she said that she believed they where real because they where good quality and worked fine. Now the reason why I was a little suspicious was because I believe MAC has only came out with one Brush set and it came with the 187 brush. This one did not.  Here are some pictures of the brushes I won & hopefully this helps you pick out the real and the fake!!

This is the 8 piece kit I received. I knew as soon as it was in my hands it was fake by the quality of the case. It felt super lite and just had no quality to it. When I opened it up, I didn’t even have to look at the brushes closely to tell.

When trying to figure out if you have a fake, there are a couple big key points you can look for. I am going to compare a real MAC #168 to a FAKE one.

These are the 4 key factors on telling if your brush is fake or not. The first thing I am going to talk about is the red area, the Ferrel. In the picture it might be a little hard to tell but as you can see in the real one, the metal looks thick and has quality to it. This brush is a little under a year old and still has more of a polished look to it then the fake one which I have never used.

The second thing is the orange area. MAC’s brushes have detail on the ferrel as you can see in the real one. On the fake one there is just little lines sketched into them metal.

Third thing is that actual bristles of the brush. Now this may be hard if you don’t have anything to compare to. But this brush just didn’t have it. It was super thin and had no shape or form. It was super tiny and just wasn’t impressive. As you can see, the real one is more dense and fluffy!

The last thing I want to talk about is the green part. the handle. Now Fake MAC brushes are real light and feel like plastic, the real brushes have wood handles. Now these are just the first things I look for, there are some others

Here is a quick list

REAL MAC brushes come in a clear plastic sleeves with a bar code printed on the sleeve.  Many fake brushes come in clear plastic sleeves without the bar code. Even some of the face brushes come with a extra protector sleeve. Real MAC face brushes do not have this additional plastic protector.  They come in the simple clear plastic sleeves with bar code.

REAL MAC brushes are labeled “MAC ###”.  ### being the number of the brush.  On real brushes, the lettering is printed on the handle and easily rubes off with your nail.  On most FAKE brushes, the lettering is engraved into the handle and very hard to rub off.  Try it.

$50 for a set of new and authentic MAC full size brushes?  That’s too good to be true!!

If you check real MAC brushes, at the end of the handle it says france, USA or Japan and theyre usually very faint and not very noticeable -(its just marked? but its the same color as the handle). Some of the fake brushes have this too but are heavily imprinted.

I hope this will help you when trying to buy a MAC brush from an individual seller. My best advice is to save a little extra and purchase from a MAC counter or their online store. I want to also mention that I am not trying to bash down the person I won these brushes from. Like I said above I am so grateful for that contest because not only did I win the brushes, it showed me all the love and support I have for the industry I LOVE.


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3 Comments on “BEWARE OF THE FAKES!!”

  1. May 6, 2011 at 2:20 PM #

    Very informative. & did you mean that the real brushes have the lettering engraved? Just checking 🙂 But thanks for the post, I’ve always wondered how to tell the difference.

  2. brenda
    May 8, 2011 at 12:50 PM #

    very good information thanks for the video and this blog post with even more info I bought some mac brushes from ebay and of course they where fake but I no longer have them anymore…they were cheaply made



    […] Here is the link to my post that I did on FAKE MAC BRUSHES. […]

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