“Sshhh… Lips speak louder than words. You’re invited to experience glamour that’s strictly word-of-mouth. Newly formulated, this super-silky gloss delivers the perfect amount of Knockout colour with its innovative new brush applicator. Encounter a Lasting Sensation of hypnotically intense, pure colour with a vividly alluring shine that leaves lips looking lush for hours. Mesmerizingly minimal, non-sticky texture feels comfortable… featherlight. Eight tantalizing Lip Pencil shade extensions round out a collection that positively whispers Embrace Me.”

Lip Pencil ($13.00 US/$15.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

What Comes Naturally – Pale peachy beige.
Hip n’ Happy – Dirty blue pink.
Have to Have It – Soft warm beige.
Just Wonderful – Dirty mauve.
Entertain Me – Clearly orange.
Lasting Sensation – Bright coral.
Embrace Me – Vivid pinkish fuchsia.
Just My Type – Intense warm brown.

Glamglass ($14.50 US/$17.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)
Casual Air – Frosted pale pink.
It’s a Wow – Mid-tone blue-pink (“rose pink”).
Check This Out – Coral with ‘transforming’ yellow-pink pearl.
Rich & Witty – Neutral dirty pinked beige.
Comfort & Joy – Mid-tone frosted dirty mauve.
Famously Fab! – Purple-lavender, slightly pearled.
Tour de Fabulous – Clean/bright yellow pink with pearl.
Style-Packed – Bright, vivid fuchsia.
Knockout – Red with pearl.
Rich Bounty – Deep red-brown with pearl.
Real Posh – Deep berry, slightly pearled.
 US: JULY 28, 2011

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