IMATS Pasadena 2011 was AMAZING.
I have never been to IMATS before and let me tell you it BLEW my mind!!

I was standing in line with my mom [had to show her why I LOVE this industry] to get my ticket, I was approached by a man. He asked me if I wanted to be a model for his wife’s presentation. UM who would turn down an offer like that?! So he took my mom and I into IMATS before it even opened [so cool] and introduced me to his wife Anabel Vargas.

Anabel is an Internationally known freelance makeup artist and educator. She has honed her skills while working in print, commercials, video production and film. Her work has been featured on MTV, Good Morning America, NBC, Telemundo, TV Land, Access Hollywood, E! online, and many more! She is an amazing persona and I am so lucky I was able to meet her and have her do my makeup. Her presentation on sunday was all about HD makeup and beauty queens sponsored by the Company Royal & Langnickel [which by the way has amazing brushes] She knows a lot about that because she is currently part of the Makeup Team for Miss USA! It was so much fun being a model for a presentation, not only did I learn from her presentation, but I was introduced to awesome new products! I wasn’t really able to get a picture of the final look close up because as soon as it was done I had to wipe it off for…

After her presentation was done, I was asked to be a model for another presentation sponsored by Royal. Of course I said yes!! This time Kevin James Bennett was the artist! Kevin is a 2 time Emmy Award makeup artist who has been in the business for 30 years! His work has been featured on MTV, VH1, TLC, Style, HGTV, and TV Land. He is such a talented artist that I was blown away that he was going to be doing my makeup, and on the big stage! Kevin’s presentation was on Glamour makeup.



When the presentation was over, Anabel asked me if she could do my makeup again and do a photo shoot with her so she could add it to her website. I was honored but at the same time so nervous because I have never modeled or have done any kind of photo shoot besides taking pictures with friends. I had about 45 min before she wanted to start so I went shopping.


My first stop was at the Lime Crime booth. I was able to meet Mark and Doe Deere herself. They are truly amazing individuals. I picked up two lipsticks My Beautiful Rocket & RetroFutrist.

My next stop Sigma. I was so excited to finally meet Simone and the Sigma girls. Simone has done so much for me and being able to finally meet her was awesome! She is so sweet! You weren’t able to buy anything there at the booth, but you were able to look at the products.

My next stop was at OCC cosmetics. Before IMATS I have never used one of there lips tars. Kevin, in his presentation used “Grandma” and I absolutely loved the texture and staying power of the lip tar. I had to stop by and pick some up for myself. I picked up 4 shades. Feathered, Bet, Plum, Harlot. I also was able to sneak in a picture with Josh!!

My last stop was NYX. Surprisingly before IMATS I didn’t own a thing from this company. I decided to pick up 4 Jumbo Pencils in Black Bean, Milk, Oyster, & Purple. And I also picked up two eyeliners, a purple and green one. I didn’t want to go to crazy here [even though I probably could] but I didn’t want to buy all these products and then not like them.

After shopping around I was able to meet a group of Youtube Gurus. JulieGBeauty, MACNC40, Petrilude, and Xsparkage.

Then it was back in the makeup chair. Anabel wanted to create a fun summer look.
When it was time for Masacara, She used this brand called Blinc. It was the coolest mascara ever! Instead of Coating your eyelashes, it tubed them! I loved it so much that she took me over to the booth to meet the owner, and the owner gave me one for free! I was so shocked!

Here is the final look she did

I was able to talk to Royal & Langnickel and they gave me one of their Beauty Blogger Bags. It was filled with so many goodies!
In the bag was a limited edition brush set that had 11 brushes in the kit. I believe this set was designed by Kevin James Bennett. Glamcor also was part of this Beauty Bag and put in a full size product of there new primer! Embryolisse also put little samples of their products in the bag. I was so thankful and honored for receiving this bag!

At the end of the day I got to sit and chat with enkore!! he is extremely nice and very outgoing!!

I also was recognized!! & she wanted to take a picture with me!! She said she was a beauty blogger as well, and I am so sorry if your reading this but I don’t remember what the name of your blog was, so let me know!! [excuse my hair, I was in the middle of getting my makeup done]

IMATS was one of the best experiences of my life. I got to meet so many people and network with so many companies! I def. can’t wait for next years!! Here are some random shots !!


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  1. July 4, 2011 at 2:23 AM #

    So much fun 🙂 wish I could have made it. Maybe next year 😉

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