YoungBlood’s Endless Beauty Event

I was fortunate enough to be invited to Youngblood’s Endless Beauty Event that celebrated their 15 year mark in Hollywood,Ca on July 22nd.
The Endless Beauty event was hosted by the one and only James Vincent, celebrity makeup artist & Director of Artistry for The Makeup Show. Honestly YoungBlood couldn’t have picked a better host. He was extremely energetic and fun for the whole event. If something was not going to schedule, you couldn’t even tell.
The event lasted all day, starting at 9am and went strong all the way til’ 9pm.
Unfortunately I missed most of the day due to my schedule, but when asking people how the event had been going, I got nothing but positive raves.
Guest Speakers included Valerie Hernandez, Philip Luque, Kathy Baker, Victoria Stiles, Orlando Santiago, and of course James Vincent. They talked about the company, how it got started, social networking, the fundamentals and foundation, using Youngblood for television, and also demonstrated red carpet, runway, and everyday looks. After all the presentations where over thats where the mingling and Party started. They had yummy finger foods, open bar, and a photo-booth.

My roommate and I

Pauline Youngblood and I

I got to have a little chat with Pauline, and she is one of the nicest people I have ever met. You can really tell that this company means the world to her and she wants to make a difference.

I think one of my favorite things about the event was the Product Room.

 I believe they had all their products and even products that are still in development out for display with testers. I thought this was awesome because you could really get hands on with the products and find whats right for you.

Another area that was my favorite, was the makeup room.

They had artist at stations: Lips, Eyes, and Brows that did your makeup. It was such a cute little room with comfortable makeup chairs, awesome lightening, huge mirrors, and sample face charts hanging on the wall.

I took my roommate as my guest and we both couldn’t resist.
We both sat down and got our eyes done. Here are the results:

My roommate, Bella


After that, It was time for the Champagne Reception. We all got a glass of champagne and did a toast to the company, and Pauline for her great success and for many more years to come.

        Pauline giving a toast


When the time came and it was time to leave the event, they handed you a little goodie bag filled with products!
Heres what I got:

 Mineral Radiance -Riviera

Pressed Individual Eyeshadow – Czar

Pressed Individual Eyeshadow – Sapphire

Pressed Individual Eyeshadow – Pink Diamond

Pressed Individual Eyeshadow – Ora

Lipgloss – Coral Kiss

I had an amazing time at this event and have really grown to love this company. I am so fortune to have met an inspiring amazing woman! I also got to meet the Marketing Communications Manager, Barbara. Barbara is an extremely nice, beautiful woman. I want to thank you so much Barbara for inviting me to this event!!

Check them out!

Here are some more random shots from the event!

MUA & Bloggers that attended

Some wonderful people I met!

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