The Summer is coming to an end and even though most of us are sad about this, there are a few including me who get all excited for back to school.
My favorite part of back to school shopping isn’t the new notebooks, highlighters, and pens, BUT all  the new MAKEUP!
I love the month of August only because I don’t feel guilty buying new products.
It’s the perfect time to try out new and improved products.
I have come up with a little list of essentials I feel like every student should have.
Doesn’t have to be necessary the same brand but def. the product itself.

1. MAC – Green Gel Cleanser: A great cleanser will help fight off those unwanted pimples and keep your skin fresh for the school year. I recommend buying a cleanser a couple weeks before school to make sure that it is the right one for you. Nothing worse then going to your first day of school with unwanted acne. I LOVE my green gel cleanser from MAC. It is super gentle on my face but gets all the dirt and bacteria off at the end of the day.

2. Embroyolisse – Lait-Crème Concentrè: This is by far the best moisturizer I have ever used. It does not clog my pores and my face has never looked better. Your skin goes through a lot while at school. Wether it’s playing sports, stress, or simply the climate in your area. Keeping your skin hydrated will give you better looking skin and your makeup will look 10x better.

3. Glamcor – Glamour First Impression Primer : Having a great primer will keep your make up looking fresh all day with fewer touch ups. This primer does just that. PLUS it feels like an instant facial on your face. Who wouldn’t want that every morning? This primer is super light weight and makes your skin feel extremely soft and silky.

4. MAC – Pro LongWear Concealer: School can take a toll on our sleep schedule causing under eye circles and nobody wants to look like a zombie in class. This concealer is super light weight but with awesome coverage. The formula for this concealer is amazing. It will not budge. Doesn’t matter if you are in a dry or humid climate. Say GOODBYE to under eye circles!

5. MAC – Studio Sculpt Foundation: This has to be by far my favorite foundation. If you are looking for coverage, this is it. Nothing worst then having to touch up your foundation before lunch. This foundation is perfect for any skin type and leaves an amazing finish. What’s nice about this foundation is you can apply a little and it goes a long way!

6. YOUNGBLOOD – Pressed Mineral Foundation: After PE or rushing to your next class can sometimes cause  oil to appear in your T Zone area. This product is amazing for touch ups throughout the day or even as your foundation. Even though it’s a mineral product, it has amazing coverage that lasts! I love this product because it is super sleek with a mirror inside that easily fits in your purse or backpack.

7. Nars – Orgasim/Laguna Duo: Back to the whole zombie look. We know its not a great look, specially when the guy your crushing on is sitting right next to you in class. If you need a little life put back into you, this combo is great! I love it because I can either achieve a soft bonzed glow or an easy natural pink cheek. And with the mirror and size it makes it super easy carry and apply touch-ups throughout the day if needed.

8. Jemma Kidd – Lip ID: Nothing worse then having a lip color scream at your teacher to call on you for every answer. I like to keep it simple and apply this product for the most natural lip color ever! This product is different for everybody because the formula is specialized to react to YOUR ph level. The color will be your natural lip color, just enhanced. Not only does it do that, but it hydrated your lips at the same time!

9. Mayballine – Falsie Mascara: Make your eyes POP a little more. This is my favorite mascara and for the price, I don’t feel bad for wearing it everyday. It gives tons of volume and the length is incredible.

10. MAC – Eye Kohl: Line your eyes with one of the smoothest eye pencils! This pencil makes it so easy to put on eyeliner. Go for a straight line or simply smudge it for an edgy look.

What are your back to school must haves?

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