Thats right BEAUTIES.. you have read the title correct!

Nail art is so popular right now, that the popular 80s trend is making a comeback! 

The trend is very simple, nothing to crazy. Analog, as style sight would put it. 

I am in LOVE with this trend. I think its so different and fun. I really like that it isn’t permanent and its rumored that it doesn’t hurt!

How long does it last? Well it doesn’t fade away, but just like getting fake nails, they grow out. Also if you get tired of it in your short frame time, you can always paint over it with nail polish!
The process is just like getting a normal tattoo. You meet with your artist, they sketch it out, transfer it, and they use the same equipment. 

I’ve read that it doesn’t hurt because it doesn’t go all the way through your nail, but that it actually kind of tickles because you feel nothing but the vibrations of the machine.

How much would you have to dish out for this cool trend… about $45-60US depending on your local tattoo shop.

What are your thoughts on this trend? I love it because its semi permanent. Thats personally why I don’t have any tattoos, I can’t see anything on my body for the rest of my life. Where with a nail tat I can have it one minute, and the next its gone!

Do you have a nail tat? Have you seen anyone with one?

Please share!!

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  1. August 18, 2011 at 2:54 AM #

    I love the trend! But I’d rather do it with nail polishes when get actual nail tattoo. Thanks for idea!

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