I have never been real good at painting my nails, but with all these awesome nail trends, I have been inspired to try.
One of my favorite nail trends currently is the half-moon nails.
I have been testing this trend out trying to find the easiest way to accomplish this look…
& by george I think I got it..

1. MAKE SURE YOUR FIRST/BASE COAT IS COMPLETELY DRY. Excuse me with using all caps but this is a crucial step. I know all of us are super inpatient when it comes to waiting for your nails to dry, especially when trying something new. But TRUST me it will be worth it. I waited about ONE hour before I moved on to the next step.

2. I use the 3-ring binder reinforcements to create the half moon shape. Before you place them on your pretty DRY nails, take some of the stickiness off the stickers by just applying it to the back of your hand.

3. Do one more thing before placing it on your nails. Cut the 3-ring binder reinforcement in half so you can get the sticker to wrap around your nail better.

4. When painting the 2nd color, don’t be heavy-handed, it can create a not so pretty half moon shape.

5. Wait a couple of minutes to take off the stickers. When taking them off remove slowly!

& TA-DAHHHH! you have yourself some pretty awesome half-moon nails!

So what do ya say? Trying this nail trend?

If you do, post your pics on Beauty Obsessed’s Facebook page!


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