Being on break from school for a couple weeks really got me using google.
One day I decided to google FUN DIY projects and I was inspired instantly by one.

If you would like to try this fun project out

Any Canvas size
Crayons (make sure you get enough crayons to cover your whole canvas across)
Hot glue gun
Blow Dryer
Something to put down, so melted crayon does not get everywhere!


1. The first thing you want to do is layout your crayons and put them in their color category, all reds together, all oranges together etc.

2. After all your crayons are organized, Go ahead and start laying them in the order you would like to place on your canvas.
(To make things easier for you, lay the crayons out on the canvas, so you know you have enough crayons, and can edit as you go.)

3. Now that you have the order of how you want to lay your crayons, take each crayon and hot glue gun it to your canvas.
(Be careful and don’t burn your fingers!)

4. After all your crayons are securely on your canvas, move to an area where you don’t mind it getting a little messy, (get that sheet or cardboard box out!) This is how I found it to be the easiest. But you can do it anyway that is best to you! I laid the canvas completely down and put the blow dryer about 8-12 inches away on high, moving it back and forward. Its going to take a couple of minutes to get the crayons heated.

5. Once the crayons start to drip you can start to tilt the board up.

That is basically the steps to make the crayon art!
The rest is up to you!
Be as creative as you want!
Have thick or thin lines,
Have the colors mix, its up to YOU!

If you decide to try this fun project,
PLEASE share how your turned out by tagging Beauty Obsessed on Facebook!

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One Comment on “DIY : FUN CRAYON ART”

  1. October 5, 2011 at 6:03 AM #

    That is amazing! and so simple too. We want more!

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