If there is one question that is always asked in the beauty industry it is what should I have in my makeup kit?
The thing is, is there is a different answer for every person.
Here is different makeup kits that every beauty lover should think of having.
It defenitly makes your life a lot easier in the beauty department.
The specific product is up to you, but hopefully the recommendations can help you get started!

Home Makeup Kit

There are plenty of different ways you can organize your makeup at home. You can store it on top of a counter, in a box, a vanity, etc.

To make things a little easier for you, keep basics and products used occasionally seperate, that way products are easier to find.

Recommended Products:
concealers and correctors
foundation or tinted moiturizer
powder (two colors)
eye shadow (three to four basic colors)
eyeliner (powder/pencil and gel)
blush (powder or cream)
lipstick, gloss, lip pencil

Everyday Bag Kit:

 Your everyday bag should be able to accomidate whatever look you are wearing for that day.
I like to carry a little makeup bag that fits in my purse, school bag, or small tote.

Recommended Products:
A palette or small sizes of your foundation, concealer, blush, and lip color.
A compact of pressed powder with a mirror.
A basic eye palette- the smaller the better
Mini mascara
Lip gloss (either an everyday neutral color, or clear)
Mini brushes
Small sample sizes of face cream

Evening Bag Kit:

 Most of the time these bags are very tiny and can only fit a couple of things. You will need to be selective, and make sure you bring the products that you know you will need later.

Recommended Products:
Lipstick or Gloss (whatever one you are wearing)
A Powder compact with a mirror (some public restrooms don’t have mirrors)
Customizable face palette (concealer, foundation, blush)
Mini perfume
Breath mints

Work Makeup Kit:

 It is def. worth investing in some duplicates of your makeup to keep in your office, locker at work, etc. You never know when your going to have to leave and go straight somewhere after work.

Recommended items:
Pressed powder with mirror
Lip balm, lip color, and or gloss
Black eyeliner and white or silver eyshadow to create an evening eye
Mini brushes
Travel toothbrush and toothpase set

Gym Bag Kit:

 After a workout you are going to want to clean your face and start your makeup from scratch.

Recommended Products:
Face cleansing clothes
custom face palette or atleast a tinted moisturizer
Lip color or gloss
Mini mascara.

Travel Makeup Kit:

 I know this sounds crazy, but keep your travel kit packed at all times! It will save you so much time, and you will never have to worry about forgetting something every again!
Invest in several small plastic bottles, label them, and fill them with your essentials.

Recommended Products:
Mini Mascara
Small Eye Palette
Travel size Shampoo and Conditioner
Body and Facial moisturizers
Mini Foundation, Or foundation put in a jar
Powder compact with mirror
BronzerSelf Tanner
Lipstick or Gloss
A brush roll of travel size brushes
Mini Hairspray
Perfume in a mini or compact version
(perfumed body creams are also great.)


Collect deluxe samples from makeup counters-they are perfect for your Work & Travel Kit.

You definitely don’t need to go buy everything to make each one of these kits all at once.

But I would definitely pick out the ones that are most important in your life, and start working on it.

Remember you can always go to makeup counters and pick up samples to help you out!


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