I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!

Lets get back into the groove!
Here is a post all about the different cleansers out there!
Now that we know our skin types, find the best cleanser for you!

Before we get started, In general, Look for ingredients like wheat germ oil, which cleanses the face without stripping, and glycerin which attracts moisture to the skins surface!


This product is best for OILY skin types. This product will deeply clean the skin and leave it feeling thoroughly cleansed and refreshed.You want to make sure to look for glycerin (creates a moisture cushion on the skin, soft feeling) or cold cream soaps because these soaps are formulated specifically for the face. Stay away from body or bath soap, especially antibacterial soap. These products will strip the skin and leave it feeling tight and dry!


If you have OILY or COMBINATION skin that are prone to breakouts, gel cleansers are for you!
I love these cleansers because they will either foam or lather up during use. These cleansers are designed to get rid of oil buildup and fight off blemish causing bacteria without stripping the skin!


This product works best for NORMAL to DRY skin because they contain oils and emollients along with cleansing ingredients specifically for this skin type. Cream cleansers are lightweight and are water based that clean without leaving residue behind!


If you have DRY skin, using an oil based cleanser will help the skin feeling less tight and dry!
If you also have OILY skin don’t be afraid to use this kind of cleanser..oil in an oil-based cleanser bonds and dissolves the oil and grime on your face.


Balm cleansers are great for all skin types but oily. This type of cleanser leaves your face feeling moisturized because thats exactly what it does while cleansing!


Exfoliating cleansers are gentle enough for all skin types. It is encouraged that you exfoliate your face (and body) several times a week. This is because it helps cell turnover and dead skin removal!

I hope that was helpful! xo

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