Featured Artist: Michael Benatar

Name: Michael Benatar
Profession: Photography
Years in the Industry:  1yr Professionally and 4yrs unprofessionally
Location: Los Angeles, CA

After graduating from film school I moved out to the land where dreams come true, Los Angeles. I focused on breaking into the film industry, but I soon realized my passion was photography.

I like taking photos because it doesn’t have to be about budgets, or the industry. It’s about you and your camera. I like doing something I can go out an do on my own. Of course you always need a good stylist and makeup artist but you don’t always think of them as crew, you think of them as more of your friends. Once you start shooting and find people that you like working with you can early stick with them and it makes shooting seem more like a hobby then something you’re trying to make a living from. I use my photos to express the way I see the world in that moment. By the time I take the photo to the time I sit down and edit it my thoughts and views about what I want the photo to be changes. There is something very fleeting about photography, and that is beautiful. I can honestly say I have no idea what my style is. I am still figuring it out. I know what I like, and I know what I don’t like, but I definitely haven’t honed in on just one style or one way of doing things. At the end of the day, photography is just something I like to do. I love the freedom associated with photography, the fact that you can just take your camera and go.

I enjoy shooting people because I think they are the most interesting, diverse, yet relatable subject. A lot of my work shows people doing something, painting, dancing, singing, playing. I like capturing progress and movement. I haven’t shot a lot of them, but I like shooting people when they are at there most vulnerable, naked. We wear clothes to project an image and to hide our true selves. When you’re naked and having your photo take, the true you comes out, and that’s the moment I want to capture. As my career moves forward I will continue to explore these subjects through my work.

A few people that inspire me:

Ellen Von Unwerth, Terry Richardson, Mary Ellen Matthews

Check out Michael’s work! 

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