How to Get Organized! – Makeup Storage IDEA!

I think we can all agree that storing and organizing your makeup can be one of the hardest things to do.
Well at least for me it is.

I recently found a super cool way to store makeup for any makeup artist and makeup junkie out there!

I do have a makeup train case, but that doesn’t always mean my makeup stays nice and neat, which was starting to drive me crazy.

The other week my mom, brother, and I decided to take a trip to ikea (to browse around, who doesn’t like IKEA?)
While looking in the kitchen area, I found these great storage items, that where being advertised to store tea bags.

These are absolutely amazing for any beauty lover.
They fit in drawers, train cases (most), and look pretty on counter tops.

Here are some examples on how I use these storage containers to store my makeup.

(sorry for the lack of quality pictures, don’t have a fancy camera yet 🙂 )

This is how I store the blushes that I don’t depot.

On the LEFT I have my Mineral blushes, an NYX  and Youngblood Mineral Cosmetic blush.
In the MIDDLE, I have my two Cream Color Bases.
&& on the RIGHT I have all my Cream Blushes.

Now the MAC containers, are a little tall, so that is why I have them laying flat.

Here’s another way you can use the storage containers.

On the LEFT I have all my shadesticks and jumbo pencils.
In the MIDDLE I have all my eyeliners and brow pencils.
&& on the RIGHT I have all my mascaras.

&& Here is how they look when stacked.

To be honest, I wish I have bought more! These are excellent!

Hopefully I can swing by Ikea real soon and pick up some more. These would be great to use for lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip pencils.

Check out your closest IKEA or here is the page to the products for the United States:
KRUS Storage

How do you store makeup?



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