MAC Cosmetics: Fall Trend Lip & Eye Palette

Today I received an e-mail that MAC cosmetics has produced a fall trend palette for the eyes and lips. Each palette comes with 6 shades ranging from cool to bright.


This palette looks absolutely divine.
There are six key shades that MAC says will define drama eyes of Fall 12′.
This is not like any other palette I have seen MAC produce for eyes.
Usually eye palettes are pressed powdered, this one has all creamy textures.

The shades include:
Dark Currant
Smokey Paprika
Nature Fibre

US $38


Usually I don’t purchase lip palettes because I always feel like I have lipstick shades that are almost alike, this palette seems very unique, and I am defenitly making the purchase! MAC claims that this fall 12′ season lips go boldly, brightly, on trend or seasonally neutral, and this palette sure delivers!

The Shades include:
French Nougat
Classic Nude
Fall fo Plum
Light Molasses

US $38

Both of these palettes are limited edition and can be ordered through MAC PRO.
Any body can purchase MAC PRO items at a PRO Store, telephone, or online.

M·A·C Pro members can order Pro products using their discount:
In North America – M·A·C Customer Service at 800.387.6707, ext. 8555 or 905.470.7877, ext. 8555.
In Europe – M·A·C UK Mail House at 0870.034.2676.

Olivia Danielle

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One Comment on “MAC Cosmetics: Fall Trend Lip & Eye Palette”

  1. Jessettery
    April 21, 2012 at 7:13 AM #

    Gorgeous cant wait to see the palette!

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